Antima Tattoo

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For a unique and ethereal look

About Antima Tattoo

Our original genre that further evolved the specialised white tattoo technique. This is a completely original and new type of tattoo that dares to use white ink on the outline of the tattoo, which is usually black, and combines dot work and colour gradients.
Professional tattoo artists sometimes say 'this is now a traditional craft'.
We fulfil your wishes: 'I don't want to be like anyone else' and 'I want my own originality'.

What makes it different from conventional tattooing?

Conventional tattoos are usually outlined in black. Antima Tattoo, on the other hand, dares to use white ink for the outline, thereby removing the conventional impression of tattoos and reconstructing them as "ethereal", an impression that a mere tattoo would never have.
Tattooing is usually done by outlining the design with black and then adding colour to it. In this case, even if the colour covers the outline, the black is so strong that it does not destroy the outline and does not spoil the impression. However, with antima tattoos, the most delicate white colour is used for the outline, so the colour cannot be covered. This requires a very precise and delicate finishing process.

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