Artists Ayumi


Born in Chiba Prefecture.
After graduating from high school, she was undecided about her career path, but decided to enter the world of tattooing, which was the only thing she was interested in.
She is one of the oldest members of Ray’s, and was one of the first graduates of the former tattoo assistant system.
She has never spilled out an excuse for the rigorous training she underwent, but with her natural adaptability and coolness, she has steadily completed the numerous instructions while at the same time developing her own adaptability to the maximum extent, and has faithfully and steadily learned Daniel’s techniques.
As a result of her consistent growth and development as an artist, she is now the person in charge of the Tokyo studio.
Like Daniel, she has no desire for a particular design, and her strength lies in her “lack” of commitment.
Her calm and unperturbed personality is also demonstrated in her counseling, where she is flexible and sincere in listening to her clients and offering advice, which gives her a sense of stability as an artist.
She puts all of her effort into designing what she hears, and the beautiful and delicate works that she produces never cease to attract many people, both in Japan and abroad.
She specializes in floral designs, which are still very popular these days, featuring a delicate touch using fine lines.
Her floral designs are popular for their combination of flowers and snakes, but she also receives many requests for animal portraits and various other designs.
She also receives a lot of support from overseas clients, especially for Japanese-style designs such as cherry blossoms, carp, and fans.
Although she mainly does black work, she also does color work without hesitation.
She also learned white tattooing from Daniel at Ray’s.
She continues to improve her cover-up skills under Daniel’s tutelage, challenging herself with different and more difficult cover-ups.
Daniel says it won’t be long before she will have mastered the true art of cover-ups.
She is the youngest member of the team at Ray’s, but she is still very confident in her ability to handle the many requests she receives each day.

“I want people to think carefully about choosing the right studio and the right artist to avoid bad cover-ups.
That is why we want to make sure that we meet the needs of the clients who come in. When you visit our studio, please feel free to ask us anything, and together we will create a beautiful tattoo that will leave you with no regrets.”


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