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Born in Oita Prefecture.
He is one of the two surviving tattoo assistant students, one of about 30 in the past, in the current Ray’s. He was once a national triathlon champion and a member of the Japanese national team for four consecutive years.
He is fluent in English, having travelled around the world as a triathlete.
He also enjoys watching anime and listening to music, especially loud rock.
He was not interested in tattoos at first, but when his favorite artist in junior high school had tattoos, he found himself completely fascinated by the world of tattoos.
After experiencing unemployment in the Corona Disaster, he asked himself what he wanted to do most, and the answer he found was to become a tattoo artist.
After a rigorous selection process, he successfully made it to Ray’s as an assistant tattoo student.
Although triathlon and tattooing seem to have nothing to do with each other at first glance, he has shown a great deal of perseverance and dedication that he has cultivated during his athletic career.
Under the direct guidance of Daniel, he has been able to adapt to any environment, endure any upheaval, and become one of Ray’s representative artists.
He has developed into one of the leading artists at Ray’s, not only for his perseverance, but also for the designs he creates from his unique personality.
He spends time sincerely counseling clients, and his ability to create designs that meet their wishes, as well as his color sense, which he has honed over the course of his career at Ray’s, is a true testament to Daniel.
He has a kindness and deep compassion for animals as well, and has even built a deep bond with Mona, Ray’s signature dog, by sleeping and eating with her.
His strong artistic sense and personality are evident in the fashions he wears.
His strong artistic sense and personality are evident in the fashion he wears, and his absolute individuality can be seen in the tattoos he creates.
His specialty is “wotattoo,” a fusion of tattoos and subcultures such as anime and manga.
He is currently working hard to spread the goodness of wotattoo, which is gradually becoming more popular in Japan!
The theme of his work is “Itoshiki Inochi” (Itoshiki Life), and he is developing a world view that combines the dark and pop style unique to wotattoo.
He draws up a design from scratch and creates a tattoo with his high drawing ability and skill,
He is not limited to illustrative designs, but also incorporates abstract designs, original lettering, and various other designs into his own designs, and sublimates them into his own designs.
He specializes in color work associated with wotattooing, but he can also handle a wide range of black-and-gray and delicate designs.
He is constantly working on his original designs, with the great goal of having Dr. Pepper, which he even calls his blood, as his sponsor once he has mastered the art of wotattooing.
Tattoos have a magical power to guide your life, and the act of carving them on your body is a way of saying, “I’m a tattoo artist.
And the act of having it tattooed on your body is a ritual, so to speak.
So it is not only about what you get tattooed, but also about who you choose to get it done,
I believe that the tattoo artist is the most important person in the world!
I express the beauty of tattoos in the form of wotattoos!
When you are sleeping or eating, you are always with your “oshi”!
You will be with your “oshi” for the rest of your life!
Of course, we can carve other genres as well, so please don’t hesitate to ask us about them.
Let’s have a wonderful time together!


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