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Born in Yao City, Osaka Prefecture.
When he was a child, he wanted to become an insect doctor.
Contrary to his dream, he worked as an industrial craftsman for five years after graduating from high school.
Casually at the time, he started drawing pictures in between jobs, which became the impetus for his tattooing.
As his drawing ability gradually improved, he was having fun and couldn’t wait to draw more.
What would it be like to walk around town with my artwork on a person’s body?
This fascinating scene suddenly popped into his head and his mind instantly jumped to the idea of becoming a tattoo artist.
Inspired, the idea came to him, and the day was right.
He was too busy to stay away from it all, so he immediately set his mind to becoming a tattoo artist.
He did not choose only pencil and paper, but also acrylics, apparel screen, and other means to paint.
He began to learn tattooing as he searched for self-expression through various styles.
One day, she found out about Ray’s Tattoo School and applied. After 4 days of classes, he was fascinated by the charisma of Daniel, the owner of the school.
He set his sights on Daniel’s future and devoted himself to his art, even while he slept.
While continuing to paint, he also borrowed skin from friends and family members and continued to ink tattoos.
A year later, he sent a DM to Daniel on Instagram with his experiences to open the doors of Ray’s. But… Daniel often received a large number of messages and consequently, UC’s message was buried in the mass of DMs, and Daniel never responded.
However, he decided not to give up and waited for Daniel to reopen his appointment to have a full sleeve tattoo done on his right arm.
During the eight sessions, Daniel says he was very curious about UC, as he was coloring his own skin with intricate designs.
What kind of needles were used, what kind of ink was used?
He was very eager to learn about the art of tattooing.
He also shared with Daniel the experience he had built up through his energy.
His enthusiastic appeal and approach changed the mindset of Daniel, who at the time had been discouraged from becoming an apprentice.
The human nature and perseverance that had pushed him through the doors that had been firmly closed to him were evident even after he joined Ray’s. Under Daniel’s guidance, he was able to develop his own practice, which he has continued to do ever since.
Under Daniel’s guidance, he was involved in administrative and marketing work before his debut, deepening his understanding of Ray’s from the ground up, while at the same time working late into the night after work to improve his skills. He made his debut as an artist in less than six months.
This was the moment when all the hard work he had put in before joining Ray’s, as well as his quickness to learn, paid off.
Daniel attributes his learning curve to all that he did to become a tattooist and all the experiences he gained.
Usually cheerful and inquisitive, UC is a true mood maker at the Kyoto studio, but once he gets his hands on a machine, he transforms into a craftsman.
His artistic designs are characterized by a unique worldview of loneliness and beauty, strongly influenced by the unique worldview of artists such as Magritte and Dali.
He specializes in black-and-gray work with a delicate touch, but he also has the skills to work in a wide range of styles, including tribal, Samoan, and color work with powerful expressions.

“Tattoos stay on your skin for a lifetime, so do your own research on designs, studios, and artists before you get one.
You may get tired of the design after a few years. Don’t go with the flow and make your decision carefully.
At first glance, you should know what you’re getting.



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