In this studio, the staff work together to improve techniques, maintain thorough hygiene and create a comfortable environment, and strive to make the studio bright and safe.

For this reason,

  • Persons under 19 years of age and high school students
  • Persons belonging to gangs, anti-social organisations or similar organisations, or persons of a similar nature.
  • Pregnant or suspected pregnant.
  • Drug addicts, alcoholics and persons with mental illness.
  • Persons infected with HIV, hepatitis B and C
  • Persons with heart disease or other health problems
  • Persons in poor health due to other illnesses or injuries
  • Persons wishing to have tattoos applied to the face or any unusual part of the body
  • Persons with a significant lack of common sense, or persons who, for whatever reason, are deemed inappropriate by the studio

Please note that we strictly refuse access and treatment to people who fall into the above categories

If, after signing a contract, you are found to fall into any of the above categories during a transaction, we will take measures to cancel the contract or terminate the transaction.

If you are accompanied by a companion:

  1. The number of accompanying persons is limited to one (1).
  2. For reasons of safety and hygiene management, please refrain from bringing small children.

Wearing a mask when visiting is at the discretion of the customer.

Please be quiet in the studio.

In the unlikely event that you cause inconvenience to other customers or interfere with counselling or treatment, you will be asked to leave the premises.


In addition to the design of your tattoo, we will also provide you with advice on your physical condition and aftercare.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via our official LINE.