Step 1: Contact us on LINE

We are able to correspond in English, so feel free to reach out. 

First, please download the LINE app (if required) and using the links below, choose the studio you wish to attend and add the appropriate LINE profile to your contacts. Here we will ask you to answer a few simple questions about the desired tattoo, such as the size, area, and artwork you would like to use as a reference.
Even if you don’t know much about tattoos, our staff will guide you and carefully ask you a few questions just to get an idea of what you want.
Please be assured that we will keep your information on LINE strictly confidential.

Step 2: Visit / Consultation

Customers need to actually visit our store so that we can listen to the customer’s requirements in more detail.
At the end of this session, a sample will be made and applied to your skin. The artist will provide thorough counselling to ensure the actual size and appearance match your vision.

The average consultation time is about 2 hours, so please allow plenty of time for your visit.

Step 3: Confirm date of treatment

At the end of the consultation, a schedule is set up with your artist to establish completion of the procedure. There are two types of treatment: “same-day treatment” and “separate day treatment,” these will depend on the design itself.

Step 4: Treatment & Aftercare

The actual treatment is performed. Some procedures are completed in a single session but others may take multiple sessions. We will provide you with a care film/cream and an aftercare guide for each session as needed. Our staff will take care of you until there is no longer any concern, so you can leave with peace of mind.

To make the tattoo of a lifetime more beautiful.

Important notes: Precautions

Beforethe day of the procedure


1. Avoid excessive sun exposure

Please note that tattoos cannot be performed if the skin is irritated or inflamed by sunburn.


2. Get a good night's sleep and rest well the day before

Tattooing is physically demanding. If you do not get enough sleep, you may feel pain more easily. Please make sure you get enough rest and relaxation the day before and come to the studio in perfect physical condition.


3. Please do not drink alcohol on the day before or the day of theprocedure

Ingestion of alcohol causes the ink to be very difficult to be absorbed by the body. It may also cause the ink to bleed or disappear after the procedure. It is highly recommended that you refrain from drinking alcohol the day before or on the day of the procedure.


4. Please shower or wash before your visit

After the procedure, we ask that you refrain from touching the treated area with water to promote healing, so please shower or bathe before coming to the store.


5. Please ensure to eat well on the day of the proceedure

You may feel pain more easily on an empty stomach. In order to reduce the burden on your body during the treatment, please eat a full meal before your appointment.


6. Please inform us if you are under a doctor's prescription

Please consult with us if you have a doctor's prescription or if you are not feeling well on the day.


7. Please come dressed as comfortably as possible, or wear clothes you do not mind getting dirty

Should the ink rub on your clothing, it will not come off. Depending on the area to be treated, women are recommended to wear tank tops or tube tops.

Afterthe day of the procdedure


1. Drinking

Please do not drink alcohol for 2-3 days after the procedure. Alcohol ingested by the body can cause blotting and loss of ink!


2. Strenuous exercise

Avoid strenuous exercise and muscle training for 2-3 days after the procedure. Immediately after the procedure, the tattoo is delicate and may become inflamed.


3. Bathing / hot springs / swimming pools / visits to the sea or rivers

Do not bathe in bathtubs or hot springs, or enter swimming pools, the ocean, etc. until the treated area has completely healed. Germs, chemicals, mud, etc. may cause the tattoo to become inflamed. In addition, tattoos that have not fully healed may cause the ink to seep through the skin if exposed to large amounts of water.


4. Saunas

If the treated area has not fully recovered, the humidity of a sauna may cause the tattoo ink to leak from the skin.


5. Sunburn

Avoid direct sunlight or tanning in a sun salon until the treated area has fully recovered. Strong UV rays can cause the color of the tattoo to fade. Even after the tattoo has completely healed, it is recommended to wear sunscreen with at least SPF 30.