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Corporate Philosophy

“Providing high-quality work with attention to detail”. 

This is what Ray’s believes in. 

That is where the emotion is born, where people’s hearts are moved, and where our hearts are inspired. 

That is the driving force that will live on through our shared future. 

“Changing society’s perception of tattoos through their beauty”


We are a tattoo company that started out as a Kyoto Tattoo Studio and now has a Tokyo Tattoo Studio.
We place the following principles above all else: to provide high quality work with attention to detail.
This is what Ray’s believes in.
We at Ray’s are energised by the emotions that are created when people’s hearts are moved.
This is the driving force that will continue to push us into the future.
Tattooing is a special art with a great responsibility.
It requires a lot of perseverance, human strength and concentration to continue to master it.
All tattoo artists are constantly developing their skills to become professionals, and many times they may feel like they are going to lose heart. However, every time they see their customers’ heartfelt joy, the artist is also moved by the joy of the customer.
This is what drives them above all else.
This is how we maintain the high level of detail and quality at Ray’s. This is what drives us to keep evolving. Our tattoos are an inspiration, hope and change for your future.
“Changing society’s perception of tattoos through their beauty ” – Due to historical and cultural trends, there is still a lot of prejudice against tattoos in Japan. We at Ray’s have the power to fundamentally change the perception of tattoos and the prejudice against them. We have moved many hearts and minds from the negative to the positive. 
‘To be honest, I thought I would never get a tattoo” – whenever I hear these words from my customers, I feel the possibility of change in the near future. Art, which holds beauty, has the power and potential to change people’s minds completely.
We at Ray’s are committed to creating art that has the power and potential to change people’s hearts and minds.
We at Ray’s are committed to further improving these possibilities and influences, and to making a big difference to people’s freedom of expression in the future.
Tattooing is a living artform.
We believe that a tattoo is a lifelong symbol.
We will design as many tattoos as necessary until each customer is satisfied,
Personally, I have had an unsatisfactory or regretful tattoo in the past and we don’t want anyone to have those bitter experiences.
We are committed to your needs and to creating a tattoo that will last a lifetime, with no regrets.
In 2012, Daniel Ray opened TATTOO STUDIO Ray’s in Kyoto city.
He has been working on a wide range of tattoo designs, from Japanese to western carving, and now has many customers not only in Japan but also from overseas.
Daniel Ray is a very versatile artist with outstanding skills in everything he does.
He is the best in Japan at white tattooing and cover-ups, with advanced techniques and a wealth of experience.
In addition to Daniel, a wide variety of tattoos are offered on a daily basis by our team of highly skilled artists.
Both our Kyoto Tattoo Studio and the Tokyo Tattoo Studio offer a high level of detail and quality and are genuine tattoo companies where you can feel safe and secure in the knowledge that thorough hygiene is maintained.
In 2023, we moved from our old studio in Kyoto to a larger and more spacious shop.
We look forward to welcoming you in our new, bright, clean and comfortable space.

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Our Commitment to SCDP

SCDP (Save the Cats and Dogs Project) is an initiative to reduce the number of dogs and cats being killed.
One day, Daniel Ray, the owner of Ray’s, met Mona, a Weimaraner. He brought her back to the Kyoto Tattoo Studio and she instantly became the official mascot of Ray’s. This was the start of a project involved with animals.
For every item of RAYS apparel or other goods sold on our Online Store, or for every tattoo session, we donate 100 yen to dog and cat shelters. The project started in April 2018 and is still ongoing.
What can we do to reduce the number of unhappy pets? It is honestly difficult to continue with our burdensome activities, but a little is better than nothing! 
We started with the idea of donating 100 yen from every sale, borrowing the idea from the proverb “Every little bit will amount to a big pile”.
Everyone can contribute back to society, of course that even includes a tattoo studio.
Ray’s will adhere to contribute back to society through SCDP.