We make reservations in accordance with a meticulous schedule, which is designed to accommodate as many clients as possible.

As sudden cancellations and rescheduling can inconvenience other clients, please do your best not to cancel.

If you need to cancel your reservation, please contact us in advance via Line.

Please note that cancelling and rescheduling requests received within seven days of the appointment will incur the following cancelation fees.

Cancellation fees

Customers with an appointment for tattoo applicationCustomers with a consultation-only appointment
Between three and seven days in advanceMinimum of 50% of appointment feeFrom ¥10,000 (varies according to size)
Two days in advanceMinimum of 70% of appointment fee
Day before/same day100% of appointment fee

Information for customers with consultation-only appointments

  • If you do not schedule an appointment for tattoo application after your counseling session has been completed, we will pay for your counseling session out of your deposit.
  •  If you schedule an appointment for application after your counseling session has been completed, you will be charged an additional fee equal to the tattoo application fee for rescheduling your appointment.

Day-of-application appointment deposit estimates

Cigarette pack/smartphone sizeFrom ¥10,000
Postcard sizeFrom ¥20,000
A4 sizeFrom ¥50,000
Larger sizesFrom ¥100,000

* May vary according to actual design content, size, etc.

* Please note that if your tattoo application appointment is canceled after you have paid your deposit, your deposit will not be refunded regardless of the reason.

* If you do not pay your deposit, you will not be able to schedule your tattoo application appointment.

Changes to size and design

If you would like to change the size and/or design of the item that was shown to you during your appointment, please contact us beforehand via Line.

We manage our schedule meticulously so that we can guide as many clients as possible through the process with ease. In accordance with size and design, customer appointment times are decided in advance.

Accordingly, a change in the size and/or design of an item may result in a client’s appointment date being rescheduled.