TATTOO STUDIO Ray`s, launched in 2012, is now located in the Okazaki area
in the heart of Kyoto city.

The artist and representative is Daniel Ray Brewster.

He was born as American and Japanese in South Carolina, USA,
and grew up in Okinawa, Japan from the age of 2.

He began studying Japanese style tattoos during his teen years,
and shortly after became interested in other tattoo styles, such as Western and tribal designs.

He steadily acquired experience designing and researching many types of tattoo art over the years on his own,
attributing to his expertise in Japanese style, Western style, tribal, Chicano, and all other styles of tattoo design and application.

Of note is his specialty in white tattoos, which is often regarded as a complicated procedure in terms of technical difficulty.
Through years of dedication to his craft by research and experimentation, he has perfected the art of white tattoo application.

Until only a few years ago, he had devoted himself to sculpting Buddhist statues in an extra effort to hone his design skills and aesthetic sense in Kyoto,
where unique and traditional Japanese culture has remained deeply rooted to this day.

Finally, in 2012, he opened his own studio, "TATTOO STUDIO Ray`s" in Kyoto city, serving satisified customers from not only Japan,
but also from all corners of the world.

Currently, we are active not only as a tattoo artist,
but also as an apparel designer, having launched our own brand [ RAYS ]

We hope that if you come to visit Kyoto in the future, and

would like to stop by for a tattoo during your stay,
please do let us know!
We are waiting to hear from you soon!

(10% Tax including)


  • ■Prices are based on size, but it depends on the design and artist.
  • ■For each session, 4,400 yen is required for consumable items.
  • ■These prices are minimum cost.

Rough Estimate

Size TATTOO FEE Deposit
Silver Dollar
(Approx. 3cm square)
¥16‚500~ ¥10‚000~
Cigarrete case
¥33‚000~ ¥20‚000~
Smart phone ¥49‚500~ ¥20‚000~
Post card
¥60‚500~ ¥20‚000~
Large than A4 size Please Ask ¥30‚000~

■Part of the session cost is required as a deposit.
■Rough design will begin upon deposit payment.
■Upon beginning Rough Design,
Deposit Payment cannot be refunded, even if the reservation is cancelled


・Sanitation is thorough in order to prevent viral infections (HIV, MRSA, HBV, HCV, Colon bacilli etc.), bacteria or other pathogenic microorganisms and various germs.

・Needles, inks, caps of inks, gloves, plastic wraps, a bed sheet and so on are used only once and then thrown away.

・All the tattooing instruments are sterilized with high-temperature and high-pressure autoclave sterilizer, sodium hypochlorite, isopropanol antiseptic solution and glutaraldehyde used for medicine and dentistry.

・Tattooing instruments are sealed and stored after sterilization.


Please make a reservation by inquiry form, LINE, or Facebook

If possible, please let us know the following information when making a reservation:

1) The approximate size and design of your desired tattoo, as well as where you would like the tattoo.
2) Your estimated budget
3) Your preferred reservation date (or the days you plan to stay in Kyoto)

Open:12PM ~
Close: No regular scheduled holidays


ZIP: 606-8351
2F 15-27 Tokusei-cho Okazaki,Sakyo-ku,Kyoto City,Kyoto,JAPAN

The nearest station is Jingu-Marutamachi Sta. KEIHAN Line (about 9 mins walk)
Higashiyama Sta. Subway Touzai Line (about 12 mins walk)


27-15 Tokusei-cho Okazaki Sakyo-ku Kyoto-City Kyoto,JAPAN


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